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The inexpensive but unique Dawson/Channel Socket® is a high quality specialised socket head, which fits ½" (12.5mm) drive ratchet handles.

It enables you to fix slotted or drilled channel direct to walls, floors, soffits and ceilings, without the use of brackets.

Because it fits ½" (12.5mm) drive ratchet handles / impact drivers, it allows a quick and accurate torque set, ensuring high quality workmanship.

We developed the Dawson/Channel Socket® because we needed something like it ourselves.

We had been in the business of supplying and fixing channel for over 20 years. No-one could provide us with the ideal tool to speed up and improve the quality of channel fixing, so we spent 2 years developing and testing one ourselves.

The Dawson/Channel Socket® is the result of this practical development work.

Suitable for use with torque wrench/impact drivers to achieve recommended torques inside standard channel.

Plated finish.

High quality product, made in Sheffield England. Allows easy access into & removal from the channel.

Brackets are not required to fix the channel. Lack of brackets allows unlimited access to the channel.

The socket can be used in space restricted areas. The 19mm (¾") socket enables loadings to be increased.

Improves safety, compared with tools that are not specifically designed for the task.

Impact rated/industrial.

impact rated

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